About Us

Easy Movers is leading the way and setting the standard for a new type of moving services.

Easy Movers is a division of CMTL Group and has been operating since 2008 with a focus on house, office, and international moving services. The founding of our company was a result of the desire to offer exceptional moving services in the market and provide an easy and efficient moving service to our customers.

From these humble beginnings, we have created a moving and storage business with worldwide reach and a reputation for delivering quality services, of which we continue to be justifiably proud.

Our History

We are one of the most experienced moving and storage companies with over 12 years in the business and we are dedicated to making your move as hassle-free as possible.

2008 – 2014

CMTL was formed in 2008 as a specialized office moving company. We started with two trucks and a team of 15 packers. Our first major assignment was moving the NSSF offices from their old office on the corner of Bibi Titi and Morogoro roads to the newly constructed Benjamin William Mkapa Pension Tower. Soon after, we became the go-to company when it came to large office moves and the rest is history.

2015 – 2020

In 2015 CMTL changed its name to CMTL Group to better reflect its growing service offering. From its humble beginnings of two trucks and 15 packers, the company had grown to include a host of services: storage, road freight, archive & records management, and customs clearance.

In 2018 we celebrated our 10-year anniversary as one of the leading third-party logistics providers. In the same year, our moving department became members of the International Association of Movers (IAM).


In 2021 CMTL Group’s moving department become Easy Movers with the aim of streamlining the brand with a dedicated team that focused all its attention and resources on making each move as hassle-free as possible.

This was in line with CMTL Group’s five-year strategic plan of updating our mission and strengthening our brand offerings.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is applicable for all employees of Easy Movers. The code of conduct states the ethics and values by which we as Easy Movers build our business. These are the principles we stand for as a company.


Easy Movers commits to conduct business with respect for the law. In all activities, we must comply with applicable local laws and regulations. Unethical and illegal behavior will not serve Easy Movers’ interest and is not permitted.




We at Easy Movers are committed to provide all employees equal employment opportunities. Our policies are designed to promote fairness and equal opportunities.



All Easy Movers employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. This includes (but is not limited to), intimidation, discrimination, or abuse, sexual, racial or otherwise, as well as acts or threats of physical or mental violence. All employees shall be treated with respect. Any illegal threats are not tolerated.



Easy Movers does not allow any use of alcohol or drugs on any Easy Movers premises or while carrying out Easy Movers business. This includes medical prescription drugs that might influence the ability to work.



Easy Movers shall not use, or support forced or bonded labor, including prison labor or other forms of compulsory labor.



Easy Movers does not tolerate child labor.




We avoid conflicts of interest; we will always act in the best interest of Easy Movers. A conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s private interest interferes in any way, or even appears to interfere with the interests of Easy Movers.



Easy Movers has zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption in any way, shape, or form. We define bribery and corruption as the misuse of an official position by Easy Movers co-worker for unofficial and personal enrichment, and/or the enrichment of others, through bribery, fraud, or favor. No one, acting on behalf of Easy Movers, may accept or offer bribes, kickbacks, loans, or other corrupt practices when conducting Easy Movers business.



Easy Movers is committed to complying fully with all anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws, we shall not accept, facilitate, or support money laundering and terrorism.



We at Easy Movers strongly believe in fair competition and free market, which is based on the added value of our services. We will compete in compliance with all applicable competition laws.



We at Easy Movers do not request gifts and hospitalities, nor do we accept gifts and hospitalities. We also do not provide gifts or hospitalities to any business partner or third party. In such case, that acceptance or offer of any gifts or hospitalities and events may be a legitimate contribution to building or maintaining good business relationships, these gifts should be limited to items of little commercial value. Such gifts should not influence any professional business decision-making process.

What we are all About

“With Easy Movers, it’s personal” is more than just a strapline. It is why we come to work every day, and it is how we feel about every customer we serve.

Giving peace of mind to people on the move.


We aim to be a market leader in the moving industry.


Human, Responsive, Meticulous. Its who we are and what we do.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Easy Movers’ corporate social responsibility strategy embraces the following four areas:
Community Development
Diversity & Well-being
Environmental Stewardship

Managing Director

CMTL has been in the moving business since 2008 providing exceptional moving services to individuals and corporate customers, whether they were moving across the street or across the globe. These customers have helped to shape us into who we are today, and we thank them.

2021 has been a pivotal year for us, with a rebranding into Easy Movers, complete with a new look and feel and a new website. The goal of this rebrand is to create a team that embodies our brand value – human, responsive, meticulous. The team will be completely dedicated to the moving business and will devote all its time, attention and resources towards the customers’ needs so that we continue to pursue our mission of giving peace of mind to people on the move.

This new change is pivotal to our vision of becoming a market leader in the moving industry and is also in keeping with CMTL Group’s overall strategy of strengthening the services that we offer.

2020 and 2021 have been exceptionally challenging years for many people due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the uncertainty, we have had the opportunity to reflect, refine, realign, and revisit what we are doing and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, hope and gratitude.

I am enormously proud of our dedicated team who support our customers with the variety of services we offer. We will pursue our journey of growth as a leading moving company in East Africa by using investments to grow our market share.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we never lose sight of our core purpose: To deliver exceptional moving services to our customer.

Stay safe
Oscar Cuthbert.
Managing Director